Bendix Brakes - Pads, rotors and more designed to meet the unique requirements of a range of driving styles and vehicle types
Are you due for a fresh set of replacement brake pads or want to upgrade to some better performing brakes than your factory fitted components? Bendix Brake Pads offer a range of brake pads to suit a wealth of driver requirements, vehicle types and driving applications to offer anything from a direct replacement standard brake pad to an aggressive compound to deal with the stringent demands of performance vehicles. Whether you only drive to and from work, take part in occasional spirited driving, off-road thrashing or more consistent track-work, Bendix have a model of brake pad to suit you. Their range includes Bendix General CT brake pads, Bendix Heavy-Duty brake pads, Bendix SRT brake pads, Bendix Euro+ brake pads, Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads, complete brake upgrade kits, brake shoes, handbrake shoes, brake pad wear sensors and even brake lubricant. When upgrading or refreshing your brakes, we recommend inspecting and replacing your brake rotors or brake drums and brake fluid to maximise the gains of your fresh new pads.

If you drive a passenger vehicle, Bendix offer a range of brake pad types to cater for your vehicle. Need a standard replacement brake pad for your daily driver that still boasts impressive specs? Bendix General CT brake pads are perfectly suited to every day driving and feature some great benefits including consistent performance and Bendix stealth technology for virtually no noise under braking. For a heavy SUV or a 4x4 that regularly sees off-road action, Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads will stand up to the task of stopping your rig. Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are manufactured for extreme strength and high heat resistance to deal with the rigours of braking in heavy city traffic one day and out-back towing the next. Alternatively, Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads are tailored to suit working vehicles which regularly undertake towing and other heavy-duty applications. For a brake pad to best suit modern European vehicles, Bendix offer their Euro+ brake pad. As a long-term supplier to various Euro OEMs, mechanics world-wide agree that Bendix Euro+ brake pads are the superior brake pad to supply and fit in Euro vehicles.

Need a more serious brake pad for your performance vehicle? The Bendix performance brake pad range has been comprehensively tested by leading friction engineers to offer a selection of brake pads which are just at home on the street commuting to work as they are carving up mountain roads or enjoying some safe, legal thrashing on your local race track. Bendix Ultimate brake pads offer supreme braking performance and higher levels of confidence under braking for sports, performance and prestige vehicles. Bendix Ultimate high performance friction compound offers great temperature and wear resistance in a range of conditions. For a step up, Bendix Ultimate+ brake pads offer even greater stopping power by utilising an advanced ceramic friction compound. This formula also exhibits lower levels of brake dust, brake noise and even greater resistance to brake fade at higher temperatures. For a true all rounder, Bendix SRT (street, road, track) brake pads are designed to suit sports and performance car enthusiasts with great braking characteristics in all driving conditions. The fibre-impregnated rubber steel technology reduces noise and vibrations while still offering superior control and consistent braking from the first stop to the last.

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