Upgraded 10 Blade Fan & Hub – Suit 2L 3L 5L


Upgraded 10 Blade Fan & Hub – Suit 2L 3L 5L

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One of the best cooling system upgrades for your 3L or 5L Engine

10 Blade Fan Upgrade (over stock 7 blade) – Massively increases cooling capacity and airflow through the radiator killing heat soak on those hot days and long climbs! This is a DIRECT bolt on replacement over the standard fan.

How’s it better than standard?

In the final years of the LN167 Toyota Hilux’s production in Australia, Toyota moved to the 10 blade fan option on their 5L-E engine. This change saw a dramatic increase in the fans ability to draw air through the radiator, especially with multiple accessories added to the front of the vehicle. We see a reduction in temperature of about 4-6 degrees in the cooling system with this modification fitted. Another factor to consider is the condition of your viscous coupling. With most of these vehicles coming up to 30 years old, it could be a total mystery when the last time this part was serviced or replaced. Therefore, a brand new one is included in our kit offering your vehicle the best chance of bringing those temperatures down.

This fan kit comes with the following parts to ensure easy fitment to your Toyota L series engine,

  • Fan blade,
  • Viscous coupling,
  • Viscous coupling studs.



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