2L, 3L, 5L Turbocharger Kit – Basic


OUR MOST POPULAR SELLER! This is the HD Auto TD04L-13T turbocharger kit to suit your Diesel LN Toyota Hilux! This is our hot side kit only & remains our best value turbocharger kit we sell – it comes with every thing but the cross over / intake pipes, and you will have to make your own dump pipe.

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This kit includes the following:

  1. 7 Layer MLS Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  2. Turbo Drain Kit
  3. New Exhaust Manifold Studs & Nuts – Kit


4. TD04L-13T – HIGHFLOW – T25 Housing

Introducing the updated and improved HDAutomotive TD04L – 13T – High Flow Turbo. These turbos are a custom-built hybrid design specifically to suit the 2L (2.4) 3L (2.8) & 5L (3.0) motors found in the Toyota Hilux & some Landcruiser’s. This is our unique design that has been developed over time with years of R&D time on the dyno at different boost and fuel settings. Typically, on a non-intercooled Hilux on a standard injector pump, this will produce 125HP and 300nm of torque @ 17psi. Giving us over 100% increase in power and torque over standard.

Key Features:

  • Earlier spool
  • More flow – 20%
  • Holds boost better & for longer
  • Simple 3 bolt dump pipe flange

The turbocharger kit includes:

– 1 x 70cm 4AN (1/4” Teflon Hose) Oil Feed Line with 1/8 NPT Tee Fitting
– 1 x Oil Return Pipe kit
– 1 x T25 stainless gasket (Multi-Layer)
– 1 x Turbine Outlet Gasket ( 4 layers of steel gasket)
– 1 x Turbine Outlet Flange (Major Hole:1.75” / Second Hole ID: 1”)
– 6 x M8x1.25mm Stud Kit

5. Custom Multi-Fit Turbo Manifold

There are a number of advantages to running this manifold, including:

  • – Australian Designed & Made locally in Brisbane!
  • – Designed for quick spool and heat retention in the manifold.
  • – Lightweight construction over common cast style manifold.
  • – Multi-fit style flange giving you the freedom to experiment, change or plan your build for later upgrades in mind without having to change the manifold!
  • – High mount design to allow easy access to your turbo.



Note: At times there can be a backorder of this product. We ensure to get every kit out in an extremely timely manner however do occasionally face delays in the manufacturing of the turbo manifolds, with the longest possible wait time being 2 weeks. If you are concerned or have a deadline, please contact us to confirm stock prior to ordering. 



Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 45 × 31 × 31 cm


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There is currently a 6 week wait time on this product, this is due to the following reasons:

  • All our kits are made to order
  • Extended Covid freight times on turbocharger components 
  • Lack of supply from manufacturers of small parts
  • Increased demand!

Please refrain from contacting us each week as this takes time to reply and sort through these emails which means less time in the workshop manufacturing! If 4 weeks have passed and there is no update feel free to give us a call or send us an email! 

Cheers, HDAutomotive!