Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Clutch – TTCK6878HP


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  • 25% increase in clamp load.
  • Anodized cover assembly.
  • Extra strength damper springs.
  • Ultra-premium friction material.
  • Anti-burst casting.


To suit the following vehicles:

Dyna LY61 1988-1995 3L Diesel
Dyna LY211 1995-1996 3L Diesel
Dyna LY220 2001-2004 5L Diesel
Hiace KDH200 2005-2006 2KDFTV Diesel
Hiace KDH220 2005-2006 2KDFTV Diesel
Hiace KDH222R 2005-2006 2KDFTV Diesel
Hiace KZH 9/95-2007 1KZTE Diesel
Hiace LH103 1989-2000 3L Diesel
Hiace LH113 1989-2000 3L Diesel
Hiace LH125 1989-2001 3L Diesel
Hilux LN103 1991-1998 3L Diesel
Hilux LN106 8/1988- 3L Diesel
Hilux LN107 8/1995-12/1998 3L Diesel
Hilux LN111 10/1988-12/1997 3L Diesel
Hilux LN130 8/1990-7/1993 2LT Diesel Turbo
Hilux LN147 1997-2005 5L Diesel
Hilux LN149 2000-2004 5L Diesel
Hilux LN167 1996-2005 5L Diesel
Hilux LN169 12/2000-4/2005 5L Diesel
Hilux LN172 1997-2005 5L Diesel
Hilux LN179 12/2000-2004 5L Diesel




Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer all began with Bedfords and Leylands and continued through LandCruisers and Patrols to where we are today with a quickly spreading market of 4WD Utilities that are themselves on their own pioneering journey. Over the years, the knowledge we have shared with our customers has manifested itself into a unique range of over 40,000 4WD parts. They are the culmination of 50 years of engineering, testing and manufacture that has allowed us to assist other regions of the world, including Africa. As a customer, you are part of this journey and we thank you for your contribution.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 33 × 8 cm


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