Rapid Module suit Toyota Hilux 3.0L 5L-E


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Suits: Toyota Hilux 3.0L (71kW) 5L-E with Aftermarket Turbo – 08/1997 > 08/2005

Module Type: Direct Injector Connection

Performance Gains:

  • Power Gain: Up to 45%
  • Torque Gain: Up to 50%


Features & Benefits:
Rapid Diesel ECU Modules are available for electronically controlled turbo diesel vehicles. Through state of the art digital technology, Rapid Modules can obtain up to 25% increases in both power and torque, with the added benefit of optimising fuel consumption.

Rapid Modules perform their function by adjusting the signals of the engines ECU directed to the injection system in both a protected and independent manner. The modules can be customised to your specific needs, with the use of a digital programming console, a qualified technician is able to adjust the setting values of the module to obtain a ‘tailor-made’ tune. Rapid Modules work within the parameters of the ECU systems, respecting the safety ranges imposed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Rapid ECU Performance Modules have an optional on/off switch, which can be placed into the dashboard or wherever desired which allows the driver to switch between original and modified power modes.

Rapid Modules are quick and easy to install with no modifications required to the original mechanics of the vehicle. All kits are supplied with detailed instructions and comply with quality control requirements. All Rapid Modules are purpose built using automotive quality components and are covered by a full 3 year warranty. Conditions apply.

  • Efficient and ease to use
  • Will not modify engine system permanently
  • Optional ON and Off switch
  • Available for over 100 makes and models
  • Ultimate towing advantage
  • Customised tuning available
  • Water resistant
  • 3 year warranty
  • National network



Special Instructions:

Year: 08/1997 > 08/2005

Module Type: Direct Injector Connection


Rapid Performance Modules

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