1300NM NPC Billet Flywheel & Clutch Kit – LandCruiser VDJ 76, 78,79



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If you own a VDJ70 Toyota Landcruiser then it won’t take much explaining as to why this is a MUST do upgrade to your driveline. It is fairly well known that the factory 1VD-FTV clutch in the VDJ76, 78 & 79 series Toyota Landcruiser is not up to the task of holding any more power or torque than what they produce factory.


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Common horsepower & torque numbers achieved (at the rear wheels) on the VDJ70 Series Toyota Landcruiser when paired with a 3″ turboback exhaust system, NPC Performance Clutch kit & ECU Remap is anywhere from 200HP-240HP & 600NM-700NM of torque. This clutch kit comfortably allows for significant upward movement of power & torque figures beyond the ever popular ECU Remap.

Why choose NPC for your clutch kit?

NPC starts off with a standard premium quality clutch plate and pressure plate and increases the clamp pressure between 20 to 45% above standard specifications. Combine this increase in clamp pressure with a full faced premium quality disc and smooth engagement is achieved and in most cases without extra pedal effort.

This style of clutch is ideal for 4 x 4 enthusiasts, tow vehicles, commercial vehicles and modified road cars.

How long will NPC warranty my clutch ?

NPC Performance warrants most of their clutches for 1 year or 20,000KM

This kit ONLY suits VDJJ70 Series of Toyota Landcruisers (VDJ76, 78 & 79). If you are unsure if this will fit your vehicle – PLEASE contact us for any assistance.



NPC Performance Clutches

NPC Performance Clutches is a family-owned and operated company established in 2005 by Doug Kordis. For many years NPC has specialized in general clutch rebuilding for cars, trucks, buses, marine, agricultural, industrial and mining applications. Although they have expanded into high-performance clutch systems and flywheels, NPC still provides the same "old school" clutch rebuilding service. Over the past decade, NPC Performance Clutches have evolved into one of the leaders in the manufacture of high-performance clutches. This also includes street and motorsport applications in Australia, including Mark Jacobsen’s world-record-holding 7-second GTR Skyline and Trevor Slaughter who broke the Australian Land Speed Record in 2012. NPC Performance Clutches are also leading the way with their excellent range of heavy-duty off-road clutches. This includes their iconic 1300nm clutch kits to suit Toyota LandCruisers, including VDJ & HDJ 76, 78 & 79 series. Also on offer is a 1300nm clutch kit to suit the iconic and well-loved HDJ80 & HDJ100 series. The kits from NPC have proven themselves time and time again to be the best option on the market, just ask anyone! NPC is also proud to be manufacturers of the largest range of Australian made flywheels. Stocking over 150 different flywheels from lightweight, dual mass, dual-mass to solid conversion and 4 x 4 upgrade flywheels. 


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