TD04L-13T w/ 5cm T25 Housing


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Introducing the updated and improved HDAutomotive TD04L – 13T – High Flow Turbo. These turbos are a custom-built hybrid design specifically to suit the 2L (2.4) 3L (2.8) & 5L (3.0) motors found in the Toyota Hilux & some Landcruiser’s. This is our unique design that has been developed over time with years of R&D time on the dyno at different boost and fuel settings. Typically, on a non-intercooled Hilux on a standard injector pump, this will produce 125HP and 300nm of torque @ 17psi. Giving us over 100% increase in power and torque over standard.

Key Features:

  • Earlier spool
  • More flow – 20%
  • Holds boost better & for longer
  • Simpler 3 bolt dump pipe flange


This turbo is an ideal upgrade and replacement turbo for the common DTS / DENCO turbo kits. Please note however, it will not fit the DTS/DENCO manifolds as they run studs from the manifold outwards which the turbocharger does not accept as it runs its own studs.

This turbo is to suit a power range on 2L, 3L & 5L powered Hilux’s between 90-150 hp & 300-500nm of torque depending on supporting modifications on your vehicle. If you are unsure if this will suit your application, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. It is the ideal size for general duties such as towing, loading your Hilux up with weight, or just a general increase in overall power while maintaining reliability and drive-ability.

This turbocharger features an adjustable wastegate position, allowing you a wide variety of formats to run this turbo with. Whether it be a front mount, top mount intercooler or even a cross over pipe, this feature will ensure you can maintain your wastegate.


The turbocharger kit includes:

–       1 x 70cm 4AN (1/4” Teflon Hose) Oil Feed Line with 1/8 NPT Tee Fitting

–       2 x 24cm 4AN (5/16” Teflon Hose) Waterline Kit

–       1 x Oil Return Pipe kit

–       1 x T25 stainless gasket (Multi-Layer)

–       1 x Turbine Outlet Gasket ( 4 layers of steel gasket)

–       1 x Turbine Outlet Flange (Major Hole:1.75” / Second Hole ID: 1”)

–       7 x M8x1.25mm Stud Kit





Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 50 cm


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