UFI (United Fuel Injection) Turbo suit 1HZ, 1HD, 1HDFT & 1HDFTE





This UFI turbo is designed & built to suit the 1H series of motors found in the 75, 79, 80, 100 & 105 series LandCruiser. Utilizing the same flange as the factory CT26 turbo, this means it bolts on to the stock exhaust manifold. You will have to modify you induction pipe to suit your new 4″ turbocharger inlet.

How is this turbo better than the factory turbocharger?

1HD-T & 1HD-FT Engine

On the 1HD-T & 1HD-FT engines, the factory CT26 Turbocharger is renowned for turbine shaft failure when the boost pressure is increased beyond 14psi.  When failure occurs, this can be detrimental to your engine. United Fuel Injection’s TD05-18G is a great option for replacement and will deliver factory like spool times while giving you the confidence to safely increase the horsepower and torque of your 1HD-T & 1HD-FT up to 250hp. If you are looking for even more horsepower & torque out of your 1HD-FT, the 21L is a great option paired with a set of our +40 injectors & upgraded performance injection pump.

1HZ Engine

If your plan is to stick with the stock diesel fuel injection pump on your 1HZ engine, then the TD05-16G is a great option as it provides the fastest turbocharger boost response with minimal added fueling. We offer complete turbocharger kits for the 1HZ engine including a 3″ exhaust  system, front mount intercooler kit, turbocharger manifold & induction pipes.

1HD-FTE Engine

The factory turbocharger on a 1HD-FTE is a great unit up to 17psi & 200hp. For those looking to get more, an upgrade is necessary. With a stock fuel injection system, the United Fuel Injection TD05-18G is a great option for those looking to make a substantial increase in horsepower & torque up to 250hp. With an upgraded fuel system and other supporting modifications such as a larger intercooler & exhaust the United Fuel Injection 21L turbocharger is a perfect match up to 330hp. Following that, +70 injectors and a UFI 23L turbocharger will see up to 380hp. For factory like replacement, please opt for the TD05-16G.

About United Fuel Injection

United Fuel Injection strives to provide better quality of service to a growing number of vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Western Australia. In line with this commitment, we developed a high performance modification to suit the Toyota Landcruiser factory turbo vehicles.

Designed to achieve the maximum torque and power from 1H series of engines, this upgrade provides great value for money.

1HZ/1HD-FTE/1HD-FT/1HD-T Power Upgrade

This process involves replacing the factory turbo with an aftermarket Mitsubishi TD05. We select and modify the replacement engine to meet the application’s low torque requirement and the extra drivability that comes with that. This upgrade is not application specific and can be fitted to any combination of intercooled or non-intercooled Landcruiser.

We can also fit this turbocharger to your 1HZ, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT or 1HD-FTE engine in house. Once your turbocharger is fitted, we recommend booking in for a dyno tune at our Brisbane facility which features an in house Mainline Chassis Dyno. If you have a 1HZ, 1HD-T, or 1HD-FT this can be done by carrying out a mechanical diesel pump tune. If you have a 1HD-FTE, a Unichip (or alternative tuning chip) will be required to tune your engine for the turbocharger upgrade.

Turbo recommended power capacity.

  • TD05-16G = Suitable up to 200HP
  • TD05-18G = Suitable for 200-250HP
  • 21L = Suitable for 250-330HP (IF POWER GOAL IS 250HP, PLEASE SELECT THIS TURBO)
  • 23L = Suitable for 330HP-380HP

Includes the following:

  • Studs
  • Gaskets
  • Nuts
  • Oil lines
  • Hose clamps
  • *Please note, $60 extra charge on 1HZ kits as we custom make an extended oil line to suit.




United Fuel Injection

United Fuel Injection is the one-stop destination for all your Diesel needs, being the largest fuel injection workshop in Western Australia and amongst the most experienced workshops Australia wide. In combination with expertly trained staff and over 45 years of operation ensure the delivery of the best available products and services to suit the varying needs and requirements of your Industry. Comprised of 4 core divisions: Heavy Diesel, Light Automotive, Turbocharger and Performance divisions. United Fuel Injection provide the whole range of Diesel solutions to its ever-increasing customer base.


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