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Fitting instructions for HDAutomotive High Mount Turbo Manifold

The following images are a series of photos taken on a 3L – 2.8 Litre NA motor commonly found in Toyota Hilux’s & 4Runner’s. These instructions also apply to the Toyota Hilux with the 5L & 5L-E as well as the Toyota Surf with the 2LT & the 2LT-E.

This process includes the removal of old studs & bolts and fitment of new studs available at

1) Remove current exhaust manifold, gaskets & studs, clean threads in the block with brake clean

2) Stud placement as shown below

3) Upon installation, one hole will not line up with the bolt this will not affect the sealing ability of your manifold as the clamping pressure remains consistent against the gasket whether there is a bolt hole here or not. We have rigorously tested these gaskets to ensure they are the best sealing gaskets in the market. Simply place the gasket on and install as per usual. 

4) Final placement of manifold with studs & nuts in place

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